No, we still won’t tell you the name…

Link wants to know the baby's name. The pig-man-thing won't tell him.

Early on in Dawn’s pregnancy, we made the decision to keep the baby’s name a secret. I was sure that I’d slip up at some point, but miraculously, I’ve managed to go this far without telling anybody. For the most part, people haven’t prodded us too much about the name. For some reason, during past week or two, several people have been asking us about it again. I’m confused as to why people want to know now. The whole world will know in 10-12 days, why now?

Questions/statements I’ve received in the past week:

“What’s the name?”

“How many letters does the name have?”

“What are the initials?”

“Just tell me the middle name.”

“What names were you considering, but didn’t go with?”

“C’mon, I won’t tell anybody. I won’t even tell my wife.”

“Tell me one initial of one of the names.”

“Why did you choose the name? Are you naming the baby after someone?”

I appreciate that people want to know. But I’ve come this far, so I’m not going to crack now. Don’t worry, everyone will know soon enough! Until then, it’s a secret.

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  • jess

    i know people who have decided not to tell the sex of the baby until after delivery. they ALWAYS slip up a couple months in with a “he” or “she.”

    congrats on keeping it secret! cant wait to find out oh so soon!

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