The week has arrived

I'm as happy as a pile of puppies

Well, here we are, in the week of the due date, and I’m as happy a pile of puppies! It’s hard to believe that less than a year ago, Dawn and I were hitting the gym hard and wondering why she suddenly started gaining weight (she was carrying a baby!).  I still smile thinking about the day Dawn went to the doctor to get her thyroid checked out and found she had a person in her tummy. What a wild turn of events.

And so now, we wait. The baby could come at any moment, but by the looks of it, she’s going to come a bit late. This is an early sign that the baby takes after Dawn. I’m habitually early for everything. Dawn…how do I put this…isn’t always exactly punctual.

I was telling my coworker Tim that I hope the baby comes sometime this week or early next week, because I planned my paternity leave and work responsibilities around a 10/6 due date. His response was pretty funny:

“Well, you’ll be planning your whole life around your kids, so you might as well start now.”

So funny, yet so true.  This little girl and her future siblings will dictate how we do everything for the rest of our lives.

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