The First Month

My beautiful wife and daughter

Alexandra’s almost a month old now, and time has flown. She’s getting bigger every day, and I already get sad thinking about her going off to college and getting married. As a first-time father, I’m learning on the fly. All of the books and internet research in the world don’t prepare you for the individual challenges of a child, as each baby is slightly different. Below are some frequently asked questions that Dawn and I have received during the past month:

Are you getting any sleep? Yes, actually. Alexandra sleeps pretty good for a newborn, so we’ve been lucky enough to get stints of sleep. Even better, I married the most wonderful woman on the planet, so when I returned to work, Dawn let me get a full night’s sleep. If she absolutely needs a break, she wakes me up, but generally Dawn has phenomenal patience dealing with a newborn. She’s been dealing with me for almost 12 years, so she obviously has infinite patience.

Does Alexandra have colic? Nope. Generally when she cries she just needs to be changed, fed or burped. Sometimes she wants to walk around the house and stare at something colorful. She’s easily distracted by shiny objects, much like her father.

What’s something unexpected about a new baby? She pretty much needs to be held at all times. Alexandra loves sleeping in our arms or on our chests. She can be fast asleep, but as soon as we put her down in the crib, she wakes up. Dawn’s best sleep comes when she lies on the couch with Alexandra.

How are the cats reacting to the new baby? They’ve hardly noticed. It’s pretty much business as usual with them.

Is she on a consistent feeding schedule? Not quite yet. She still eats infrequently.

Because this post lacks shenanigans, I feel like I owe you all something. So here’s a monkey stealing a hubcap.

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