Two Months

This is two-month-old Alexandra

It’s been eight weeks since the little one was born, and like most parents, we’ve had our ups and downs. Here’s a rundown of some of the highs and lows of Alexandra’s first two months, along with some of Alexandra’s habits.

I’ll start with some of the tougher parts of being a new dad. Obviously I’m thrilled to be a parent, but I think it’s important to be honest. When I look back on this blog in 15 years (and maybe share it with Alexandra), I want to honestly remember how things were.

  • The Daddy Blues: Alexandra loves her mommy. This is important, because she spends almost 24 hours each day with Dawn, but sometimes dad can feel left out. When Alexandra wasn’t taking her bottle, it was so difficult. I felt like she didn’t like me at all, and that’s hurtful. Was I spending too little time with her? Does she really hate her dad? If she does, it’s about 13 years earlier than expected (all teenage girls hate their parents, right?). The truth is she doesn’t hate me, and 99% of the time I realize that. But in the moment, it can be hard. I love her so much, and I just want her to love me too.
  • I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO: Saturday night, Alexandra cried. And cried. And cried. AND CRIED. For two hours her routine went as follows – Cry, calm down for two minutes, start to shriek again. Her diaper was clean, she wasn’t hungry and she didn’t have a fever. Sometimes babies just need to let out energy, and that was the case on Saturday night. It can be extremely difficult to deal with. Nobody wants to listen to their beautiful child cry.
  • Bottle Refusal: I’ve already covered this in an entire post. She still can be fussy about taking a bottle. See that here:

Yay Baby!
Now on to some of the joys of being a new dad.

  • Happy Baby: I cannot explain the joy I feel when Alexandra laughs or smiles. Every morning after she eats and gets a changed, she’s Little Ms. Smiley (see picture at the top of the post) for an hour or so. It’s fantastic.
  • Alexandra the Pigeon: She coos. A lot. It’s freaking awesome. I smile every time I hear it, no matter how many times she does it. Recently, my mother bought her a swing. We already had a vibrating chair for her, so I didn’t think we needed the swing. I was wrong, because Alexandra loves it. She sits in that swing, looks up and coos.

    Alexandra the Pigeon

  • Sharing the Love: As much as we love this little baby girl, it warms our hearts to see how our family and friends interact with her.
  • Exploring the World: It’s so fun to watch Alexandra discover everything around her. Whether she’s playing with a toy, sitting in her play gym or just looking around, she’s so curious. I love watching her bright face as she looks around.

    Alexandra enjoying her play gym

  • HOLY CRAP: Sometimes, when she’s sleeping, Alexandra will wake up startled. It’s REALLY cute. She opens her eyes for a second, shakes her arms in the air, straightens her legs, and then goes right back to sleep. It’s adorable.

Other Baby News and Notes

  • Alexandra LOVES making faces.
  • She has discovered her hands. Her favorite thing to do is suck on them.
  • Alexandra enjoys TV and is particularly fond of cartoons.
  • She likes it when people sing to her. Disney songs and Dad’s freestyles are her music of choice.
  • Her favorite toy is a pink seahorse that we named Lulu. Lulu lights up and plays songs, similar to a Glowworm.
  • Alexandra still won’t sleep in her crib overnight; she’ll only sleep on our chests. She will take naps in her swing or lamb chair.
  • Watching Alexandra grow up during the past eight weeks has been really exciting. Its hard to believe that in six months she’ll be walking around!

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    • Unclestevie1353

      Stephen, Your blog is wonderful.  It will be a beautiful gift to share with Alexandra as she gets older.

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