Three Months

Alexandra puts everything in her mouth

Alexandra’s first three months have flown by in the blink of an eye. She’s more than doubled in size and she’s so much more aware than she was even a month ago.

Here’s the latest:

  • Alexandra has discovered her hands. When she first found them, they were used for two things: eating, and bringing other objects to her mouth to eat (see picture above). Now she will grab (and tug) other things such as toys, clothes, hair, cats, jewelry and my face.
  • She’s also discovered her feet. At first, she was baffled by the unearthing of these  new appendages. After a few minutes, the shock wore off, and she folded herself in half to put her foot in her mouth.
  • Alexandra rolled over. This is a big step for children because they sleep better on their stomachs, and they’re one step closer to crawling. None of that is happening yet, however. When Alexandra rolls over, she’s just pissed off that she’s on her stomach.
  • Her two current favorite things to do are the Baby Copter and the Baby Rocket. Both involve being flown around the room and sound effects.
  • I can’t stand still anymore. I know what some of you are thinking – “Stephen, you’ve never been able to stand still, you’re so hyperactive.” Har har har. ROFLMAOYG! The reason I can’t stand still is I’ve spent three months rocking my baby back and forth to soothe her. Now when I’m standing still, I’ll randomly start rocking.

It’s still pretty much smooth sailing with Alexandra. It won’t be in the next month or so when she starts teething. When that happens, not even the Baby Rocket will calm her down.

Baby Rocket

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