Four, Five and Six Months!

This blog has been somewhat of a ghost town lately. No excuses, but here’s a brief update on our life, which has been somewhat responsible for the lack of content:

  • Dawn and I both started new jobs within the past five months, and we’re still getting fully adjusted.
  • In case you didn’t know, both of those jobs are in Cleveland, so we’ve moved from Columbus to the city by the lake.
  • We just bought a new house and we’re doing a ton of work on it. We’re not currently living in that house, so our home is the 300 square-foot basement in my parent’s house. That’s right – Dawn, myself, our two cats and a six-month-old baby have been living in my parent’s basement for the past five months.
  • We’re working to sell our house in Columbus, which is proving to be no small task.

So with that said, this post won’t contain any funky photoshops, nonsensical photos or animated gifs of primates stealing hubcaps. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m trying to squeeze three months into one blog post, so I want to be concise.

Now back to the reason I started this blog, little Miss Alexandra. For the first three months, things changed pretty slowly. We’d see a new development in the baby girl every week or two. Now, we’re seeing daily changes in Alexandra, as she becomes more aware and learns new things.

LOL: If you haven’t watched the video at the top of this post, check it out. She bursts into laughing fits regularly now.

#NomNomNom: Alexandra eats “real food” now. We started with oatmeal and rice cereal, which she had no problem taking. Sweet Potatoes followed, and those were a hit! Fruits are another story. She still prefers Mommy’s milk, and frankly, sweet things usually lead to the face in the pictures below.

‘Round ‘Round Get Around: She’s not crawling yet, but she still knows how to get around. Usually when she rolls over, Alexandra tries like hell to crawl. When that fails, she flips and wiggles around until she gets to where she wants.

Poppin’ Bottles: Forget about that bottle refusal. Alexandra drinks bottles like a pro now. Thanks to Aunt Brittany for teaching her how to do that.

I Know You!: Alexandra is recognizing faces. She lights up when Dawn and I get home from work, remembers her grandparents and smiles for Aunt Brittany. She also acknowledges animals, particularly our cats Cody and CJ. She usually greets them with a laugh, then grabs and tugs a fistful of fur from them before Daddy can stop her.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: She loves the mirror. Seeing herself, Mommy or Daddy in the mirror makes her smile.

Little Girl: She’s still a dainty baby, only about 15 lbs.

She’s also become enamored with Bubble Guppies, but I’m planning on doing an entire post on that. Below are a few pictures I’ve snapped during the past three months.

Watching Bubble Guppies with Daddy

Outside with Mommy

Exploring the outdoors with Daddy

Exploring the outdoors with Daddy

Alexandra's first time eating! This time it's oatmeal.

Sweet potatos are delicious. This eating real food thing is awesome!

What the hell was that, Dad? Pears? Are you trying to poison me?!

Okay, I had to sneak ONE shenanigan into this post

Ready to root on the Buckeyes

Ready to root on the Buckeyes again

I'm watching TV, dad. What do you want?

Getting cheeky on the changing table

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