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I don’t understand the witchcraft that the Bubble Guppies uses to infatuate children, but it’s far and away Alexandra’s favorite show. It’s literally the only thing that we know, for a fact, will get her to go from a screaming fit to completely content. Every time the Bubble Guppies burst into song, she starts smiling.

The show stars six Bubble Guppies (which is a fancy way of saying “mermaids”) who sing and dance, while teaching kids basic concepts and vocabulary.

Every episode follows the same formula:

1) One of the Bubble Guppies runs into something on the way to class
2) They all go to “class” (if you can call it that…I’ll get into that later)
3) They sing a song
4) They have lunch
5) They play outside and have a magic adventure
6) They end with a song

Before I get into this, I’ll say that I love Bubble Guppies. It’s Alexandra’s favorite show, and therefore my favorite show by proxy. Here’s a breakdown of all the main characters.


Molly is the main character, and Alexandra’s favorite. You’ll notice all of the Bubble Guppies have a different race, but I’m not quite sure what Molly is supposed to be. Jersey shore, maybe? She’s pretty tan. Generally, Molly-led episodes are the best, and have the best songs.


Gil is the Zack Morris of Bubble Guppies. He doesn’t understand most of the basic concepts portrayed in the show, but he’s pretty sweet at Fishketball. He’s also kind of a derelict, because he always interrupts Molly when she’s trying to do the show’s intro. He and Molly seem to have sort of a relationship going on (she calls him “Gilly”), which I’m cool with. Bubble Puppy is Gil’s puppy.


Let’s not mince words here, Deema is freaking insane. Ever have a girlfriend that you break up with, and she throws all of your clothes in the street and lights your carpet on fire? That’s Deema. She’s Molly’s best friend, and my favorite Bubble Guppy because I love the crazies.


If Bubble Guppies were fished for sport, Oona would be the first one caught. She’s not what you’d call bright. While the other Bubble Guppies seem to have an idea what’s going on, she wanders the ocean pretty clueless, contributing nuggets to the conversation such as, “I like stories!” Not the brightest fish in the sea.


I hate Nonny. He’s a know-it-all, he never smiles and he’s anti-social. Every time the show enters the schoolhouse, all of the Bubble Guppies say hi…except Nonny. I should be nice though, he’s really smart, and one day he could be my boss.


I like Goby, and there seems to be something going on between him and Deema. The two of them noticeably flirted during the Cowgirl Parade episode, and they hold hands in the theme song. His episodes are pretty good, and I have no beef with this guy.

Mr. Grouper

Mr. Grouper
Mr. Grouper has absolutely no control over his class. In every episode, one of the kids sees something on the way to school, and Mr. Grouper diverts his entire lesson plan to talk about whatever they want. He sometimes takes the class on questionable impromptu field trips, and frankly, he creeps me out a bit.

Shocker. Deema's upside down. #Nutcase

In all seriousness, there are a lot of worse things she could be watching, so I’ll gladly take this. The songs are tolerable and catchy, and the plot lines are decent. With that said, watch any episode of this show on Nick Jr.’s website (http://www.nickjr.com/kids-videos/bubble-guppies-videos.html), and you’ll see 100% of what I wrote here is the truth.

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  • STAR

    Oh my goodness, I loved your review on Bubble Guppies! Your
    hilarious, my three year old loves Molly and my favorite is Gil. I definitely
    enjoy my daughter watching this show more then others. It is actually teaching
    her a few things, it’s really educational. I ordered this DVD on Blockbuster
    @Home and it came today! We are gonna watch it this evening quite a few times,
    I imagine. Luckily I don’t work at Dish this weekend so we can even watch it
    tomorrow as well. 

  • mclearen

    This is hilarious. I agree with every assessment. My (almost) two year old also loves this show. I’m in the process of scanning the web for birthday ideas. 

  • CSharkey

    I enjoyed your point of view so much that I referenced it on my review of the show too! http://offshoreaquaholic.blogspot.com/2012/07/tv-review-bubble-guppies.html
    Thanks for writing!

  • Immirandaandising

    My niece watches this show and everything you said is totally true!

  • Kayla

    OMG BEST BLOG EVER!!! My almost 2 year old is obsessed with this show. I love that you feel The exact same way I do about it. I’m planning her Birthday party now and what is the theme? Nothing other than bubble guppies of course!
    Ps. I think Molly is Hispanic. I could be wrong though.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7JYV457LPBX7TU2HP7HMLEYITU raysdk

    I thank the almighty everyday for this show when I’m babysitting my niece. She goes absolutely mental when the theme song comes on. She’s only 18 months and can say about 30 words or so, but she learned “Bubble Guppies” very quickly. Love this post. I don’t car if it’s witch craft, subliminal, or whatever, as long as it gives me 22 minutes of peace I’m cool with it

  • Laylabell

    So you hate Nonny cause he isn’t as bubbly and smily like everyone else? It’s realistic. Not all kids are hyper and smily all the time.

  • Kiwi

    I agree with every word of this, except I like nonny :) but Gil is by far my 19 month olds favorite. . . Maybe Nonny is sad because he NEVER gets lunch?

  • Carolynleavitt

    I have a feeling that Nonny may have Aspergers. Kids like that have trouble reading social cues, may not smile and can be very bright. Don’t hate on Nonny! We may know kids like this in our kids’ schools or neighborhoods and think they are strange or annoying. I think it’s great to show a character like that on TV. It’s a good way to educate our kids about the differences we all have and to be tolerant of others.

  • Yellanu

    I love nonny, he is my favorite guppy but I understand where you come from with the antisocialness

  • nj.daddy

    You forgot about bubble puppy. Personally, if bubble puppy were my dog, he would have been left on the median on the garden state parkway. The poor dog lacks training and it is no wonder that the pup was the last one adopted.

  • nj.daddy

    Seriously, bubble puppy is always stealing stuff and barking at inappropriate times

  • Gmom

    I do have to say Nonny is my grand-daughter favorite. I do have to say the cowboy episode, when Mr. Grouper turns into a horse and let’s Molly ride him did bother me. Call me silly but I don’t want kids to think its ok for kids to play horse with their teachers.

  • Idk.

    Well I can see why Oona is clueless.She is only 4,while everyone else is 5 and 6,so she doesn’t know as much as say,Molly and Nonny do.

  • Mia


  • Lynn

    Really? You think Molly is “jersey shore”? That isn’t a race. She’s black! God forbid they put a little black girl as the main character. Freaking racists.

  • Loopholes

    Nonny is cool and he rap in can you dig it not that inpresive bu stiil. (sorry for bad English )

  • Sylvia Faustino

    Actually, not to impose on people’s opinions… But Molly is actually Hispanic. I saw sketch up concepts of the show when I went to animation school and they had various examples of molly to portray a hispanic girl.

  • Danielle

    LMAO ,y daughter also likes the show. I was doing a search to see if Nonny is supposed to be “differently abled” and stumbled upon this. Very good deception of the show I just hope our kids don’t see it that way! LOL

  • Lynda Saracino

    I am in TOTAL agreement!!!!! Just was forwarded this. I take care of my now one-year-old grandson, and have done so full-time during the work week since he was 3 months old, while my daughter and son-in-law work. He started watching Bubble Guppies around the time I started babysitting him, and I completely “get” what you mean by the witchcraft. If my grandson is watching this show, virtually NOTHING will distract him!
    They have the show down to a science, except … could someone please explain to me how this show takes place UNDER water, but the characters sometimes have to “take the long way” to get somewhere, instead of just swimming directly there? For instance, in the Gil the Firefighter episode, the fish people are stuck at the top of a tall tree, and Gil’s fire ladder must be extended fully so they can all climb down. My question is: why can’t they just swim down to the floor of the ocean? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not slamming the show, however, love it, and love my grandson’s interest in it (in increasingly smaller doses as he learns to do other activities). I also love the parts the writers put in for adult caregivers like me (Example: “Get this boy a hardhat, Pronto. …. Thanks, Pronto”). ;)

  • Remington

    My daughter loves this show. You have some very valid observations. I think its funny if u google ” sad bubble guppy” Nonny’s pic comes up.

  • Katie

    Lmao at the people taking this article seriously. It’s an opinion on a child television show, please calm down.

  • Haley Gypsy Skaines

    My husband came to me with an interesting theory. He thinks that the Bubble Guppies are the last of the “Atlantean” Race and that Mr. Grouper adopted them. That would explain why all of the other characters are crabs or snails or fish. And why they are all so nice to them. I mean, at the end, when they all go on an impromptu field trip, it’s always one of the Guppies chosen to do what ever it is they’re there for. The Pirates even let them have some of their treasure. So everyone helps them out because they are the survivors of some kind of Atlantean Apocalypse. It helps sum up the entire show. I admit it isn’t realistic, but neither is the rest of it. And when you think about it like that while watching the show it makes it that much more entertaining.

  • It’s time for lunch

    You totally left out bubble puppy.

  • LandonsMommy

    My son took immediate liking to this show when he was 3 months old. I had never heard of it, but it is a lot better than Dora and a lot of other shows. He is like brainwashed by this show! Everyone of my family members have at least 2 episodes on their devices (it comes in handy for melt downs in public). We recently had his first birthday Bubble Guppies, and it was a pain in the butt to find stuff. And of course 2 days later Walmart has all of the supplies we bought from online and Toy R Us small sections. And he basically has every Bubble Guppy toy made.

    I do love that they do so many types of episodes from occupations, health thing, to everyday life. And I do enjoy the spoofs of movies, like Bubble Puppy and the Ring (Lord of the Rings).

    I agree with all the descriptions, but I do say I feel bad for Nonny because all his lunches are something he can’t eat, like the emergen-cheese in Gil is a Firefighter episode. I will have to disagree with Deema, I can’t stand her. She’s too crazy for me! It does bother me that one second they can swim everywhere and the next minute they can’t.. They are fish, they can swim!

  • E

    Nonny could simply be an introvert. I’ve found that most extroverts I’ve met don’t even know what an introvert is, probably because they’ve never felt the need to research “what is wrong with my personality?” People, Americans especially, seem to be conditioned to be or to favor extroverts. If you are quiet or stand-offish it is automatically assumed that something is wrong with you..however some of the most influential people in history have been introverts (like Einstein and Dr. Suess) Introverts live inside their head a lot, find it difficult to express their emotions, are more reserved, and would much rather sit at home in silence reading a book than go out with friends or to a party. Introverts are also prone to shyness, social anxiety, and depression. Kids need to see other kids like this in a way that lets them know that there is nothing wrong with being quiet and reserved if that is just their nature.


    It’s a little jarring because everyone else is constantly smiling for some reason.

  • Punk E. Potamus

    I Googled depressed bubble guppy. It is a bit…strange. Nonny almost captures your attention because he is not smiling. It’s obviously an issue to other parents enough to have articles on it.

  • ecurtis

    I thought the same thing after watching it a couple times and I think it’s pretty cool that they included an “atypical” personality. My nephew is autistic, and I love that nick jr created such a diverse cast.

  • SamSheff

    That’s fine that he’s autistic, but why the hell does he have to be a ginger? It’s annoying that ginger boys are always awkward, weird, and are emotionless. He never smiles, gets fucked over at lunch every day, is the only one that wears glasses, hardly ever sings and is generally just a strange acting ginger kid. Why does the show teach kids that autistic or ginger kids always will be singled out? Some bullshit right there.

  • Nonny’s Child

    BTW, Nonny is a cutie! He’s really smart! He teaches me things I never knew about! (I’m 14 BTW)

  • ParentInFlorida

    Nonny is a typical child with a form of Autism called Aspergers. They have zero emotions, are very introverted and never smile.

  • C’est Nicki, La Belle

    People with Asperger’s do have emotions. In fact, it’s theorized that kids on the spectrum actually feel emotions more deeply than non-spectrum kids.

  • Elizabeth Mosblech

    Made me and the Hubbs literally LOL.

  • Simara Rodriguez

    That’s so funny. My son is crazy about them too. However, I always wondered why their parents r never around or shown…

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